SSL backend behind varnish

I try this long time ago , but with no luck.. I wrote this tutorial but still https doesn’t workin. Its open 443 port , but in varnishlog it says „timeout“.

Today I decide to try little trick with rinetd (debian based port forwarding tool) to redirect 443 port to my local ip address of the web server. This is my rinetd.conf :

# this is the configuration file for rinetd, the internet redirection server
# you may specify global allow and deny rules here
# only ip addresses are matched, hostnames cannot be specified here
# the wildcards you may use are * and ?
allow *

# forwarding rules come here
# you may specify allow and deny rules after a specific forwarding rule
# to apply to only that forwarding rule
# bindadress bindport connectaddress connectport
my.web.address.of.varnish.cache.server 443 192.168.*.* 443

# logging information
logfile /var/log/rinetd.log

# uncomment the following line if you want web-server style logfile format
# logcommon

I remove 443 port on /etc/default/varnish , restart rinetd and now my blog works with https and spdy!
I know that varnish now doesn’t cache , but the main purpose is http to works , and now it works! Now I’m behind varnish again! I feel good yeah! My score at pingdom will continue to increase :whistle: