Mac OS X ML2 on Dell Vostro 3500

First of all, I want to thank to iATKOS team who build this great software.

My laptop model is Dell Vostro 3500 with i5 cpu  and ge force 310m via.I’m using Apple’s AirPort card for my wifi ,because my original Intel half mini card doesn’t work on this hackintosh.

First we must download and burn iATKOS double layer DVD for our installation. Link can be found in iATKOS website . The dmg file can be converted to iso with transmac.

After the successful burn it’s time to install 🙂

I have windows installed on my laptop and 100gb free for Mac. I’m using ubuntu live cd to make hfs+ journaled file system on this 100gb my Mac. For this I must install hfsprogs package for the ubuntu version.

Now its install time.




IMG_2135 IMG_2134 IMG_2132

Those are my options for successful install. Only my sound doesn’t work. After some test I found solution for the sound problem using VoodooHDA pkg , but after this my camera stopped work. I don’t know why but it is not to important for now 🙂

I test Diablo 3 and it works perfect! It’s unbelievable !

This is the result after all :


PS. I use EasyBCD program to manage boot loader and to add Windows and MacOS to boot fine 🙂 Info can be found on youtube.