Iphone 3gs battery problem with ios 5.0.1 [SOLVED]

Finaly! I got it. My wife’s iphone has strange problem with turning wifi on , the battery drains too fast and for 1 hour it will be 15-20% down!!

It was ios 5.0.1 jailbroken with redsn0w with 10/15 apps max. With edge turned on there is now problem, but when turn on wifi the battery goes down.

Today I upgrade the ios with the final version of 5.1 and I deside to not jailbreak the iphone to see the problem continues or not.


Ok , now it’s been 3/4 hours after the manipulation. The battery before 4 hours was on 70% , now after 2 calls is 69% !!!

I think the problem was with the hack, somehow it drains the battery too fast. Now because she don’t use paid apps , and because the iphone is factury unlocked , the are no problem to be not jailbroken for now 😎

I think to buy new iphone 4s because of this problems, but for now I’ll now do this and save my money for beer :sideways: