(English) Nikolay Nikolov cv

Link to jobs.bg CV in English

Link to jobs.bg CV in English

Work experience
Service OS plc
April 2014 – Present
System Architect

Linux company servers support. Working with virtualization, WHM / cPanel, internal systems written by Laravel. Support of all internal systems, owncloud, monitoring, etc. Support to fellow programmers and so on.

Local Fame Ltd
June 2017 – Present
System administrator and IT consultant

De Ondernemersschool
October 2016 – Present
Network security, Web architecture, Linux administration.

Linux company servers support. Working with Virtualization, WHM / cPanel.

Accounting House "Ralitsa"
March 2010 – Present
IT specialist

Build and maintain internal network, backup system, mail and web server. I work remotely from home.

September 2013 – April 2014
Linux System Administrator

Support for company VMWare hypervisors and Linux servers. Work with Staging, UAT, and Production Servers.

Blizoo media and broudband
August 2010 – January 2013
Computer service specialist for computer systems

Tracking the network in the city, mainly coordinating the technicians at different points of the city.

Kiryakovi & Co
January 2010 – April 2013
IT Specialist

Support for: computers, SOT connected via IP100 to the Internet, mail and web server and company website.

February 2007 – August 2010
System Administrator

Network monitoring. Maintenance of systems for tracking, exploring and analyzing traffic graphs, peaks and falls, and so on.

May 2005 – October 2008

Administrating servers and shell services.

Photo "Valis"
September 2004 – March 2005
Computer specialist

Work with Photoshop

Computer Hall "Escape"
May 2003 – May 2004
Computer operator

Computers support

Mania Computer Room
June 2002 – February 2003
Computer operator

Computer support in the room (reinstallation, etc.)

Education and training
Dobrudja Technological College
September 2002 – May 2006
High school

Specialty: Electronics (unfinished)

PMG Ivan Vazov
September 1997 – May 2002
Secondary school

Additional courses

Mother Language: Bulgarian Foreign Language (s): English Understanding: Expert Speaking: Secondary Writing: Expert

System administration
Construction and maintenance of networks, support for Linux servers – openvpn, ip tunnel. Construction and maintenance of production servers, testing and dev. Support for web hosting, forums: phpbb, ipb, sugarcrm, discourse. Web page optimization. Unique skills with nginx.Virtualization – KVM / OpenVZ / VMware / LXCInstalling, Configuring and Maintaining WHM / CPanel ServersFinishing nginx in WHM / Cpanel ServersInstallation and Configuring Backup SolutionsWorking with git
Excellent Skills with WordPress, SEO.
Operating Systems
– Windows XP, 7,8,10 + server – Linux Red Hat, Slackware, Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, FreeBSD, FreeNAS – VMware eSX iOS, MacOS X – Amazon AWS
Programming languages
– PHP, Laravel– Python– Bash
Software skills
Nagios, Cacti, Munin, LibreNMS, SmokePing, MRTG, iptables, iproute, quagga, Postfix, Qmail, Dovecot, Pound, Openvpn, pptp, PXE, LVM, MDADM, DRBD, Heartbeat, Apache, MySQL, PHP, HTML, IIS, Nginx, Lighttpd, PHP-FPM, Varnish, Memcached, Opcache, Squid, Linux-Vserver, Proxmox, OpenVZ, KVM, LXC, Delta Copy, rsync, Artisteer, Photoshop, ISPConfig, Active Directory, IIS, Galera cluster, MySQL master-master, HaProxy, Redis, SSL, Http2/spdy, docker, laravel,vagrant, named, naxsi, puppet.
Other skills and competence
Technical English, working under pressure, communication skills and teamwork. Consultancy services in the field of Linux.