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About Nikolay NikolovЗа Николай Николов - About Nikolay Nikolov







My name is Nikolay Dimitrov Nikolov.
I was born on December 31, 1983 in Dobrich.
I am happily married and I am the father of two princesses – Anna and Borisa ! 🙂


I graduated from primary school in PR Slaveykov High School, then I went to study for a Doctor at the “Ivan Vazov” School of Natural Sciences.

After graduating I graduated from the Higher Technological College of Dobrudja, but I did not finish it.

I have completed the 4 courses of Cisco CCNA in Dobrich


Personal Skills – Linux

Since 2003 I have been working with linux.

My first look grabbed Red Hat 7.3 which I used for OS on my stationary computer then.

Over the years I went through Slackware (I used it for a long time), then I discovered the benefits of debian and migrated entirely to it.

At present, 90% of my servers are debian, and the other 10% are CentOS and Ubuntu.

The main function of my servers is the following:

  1. VMware ESXi
  2. Mail server (postfix,dovecot,amavis,clamav,postfixadmin)
  3. Nagios,cacti,smokeping (monitoring tools)
  4. NTP server for Bulgaria – (
  5. VPN (OpenVPN)
  6. BIND (name server for 100 domains)
  7. Web hosting server with ISPConfig (nginx,mysql,php,postfix,dovecot)
  8. Beta server (designed to test the new ones ‘beta’ products – php,nginx,varnish,openvz)
  9. 4 server for virtualization with LXC
  10. 2 Proxmox servers –,
  11. 2 MySQL servers (galera cluster)
  12. IRC server –
  13. Cache server (varnish,memcached)
  14. FreeNAS Storage and backup server (rsync,samba,pureftp)
  15. pfSense Firewall server (internet router)
  16. HAproxy – load balancer
  17. Git server (gitlab)
  18. Puppetmaster сървър
  19. FreeBSD web сървър
  20. Nextcloud server
  21. 4 Raspberry PI – online cameras and SOT
  22. 2 OpenWRT routers
  23. UniFi controllers, switches and ap’s

Personal skills – everything else

  • Design, construction, network management
  • Virtualization – VMware, KVM, OpenVZ, LXC, Docker
  • Maintenance of computer systems (windows,linux)
  • Security systems – paradox,magellan,ip100/ip150
  • Building web sites through management systems (CMS)
  • SEO (search engines start to love your site – it comes out in front of you)
  • RAID arrays – 3ware / mdadm
  • Installing, Configuring and Optimizing cPanel / WHM Servers




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